About EasyGUI

EasyGUI is a module for very simple, very easy GUI programming in the Python programming language.

Experienced Pythonistas need to be able to make simple GUI interfaces quickly and easily. New Python programmers, students, and sysadmins need GUI capabilities that don't require knowledge of Tkinter, frames, widgets, callbacks or lambda. This is what EasyGUI provides. Using EasyGUI, all GUI interactions are invoked by simple function calls.

EasyGUI is different from other GUIs in that EasyGUI is NOT event-driven. It allows you to program in a traditional linear fashion, and to put up dialogs for simple input and output when you need to. If you have not yet learned the event-driven paradigm for GUI programming, EasyGUI will allow you to be productive with very basic tasks immediately. Later, if you wish to make the transition to an event-driven GUI paradigm, you can do so with a more powerful GUI package such as anygui, PythonCard, Tkinter, wxPython, etc.

Learning to use EasyGUI

Visit the gallery and the tutorial.

EasyGui for Students

Austrian elementary-school teacher Horst Jens says that "I can proudly report that EasyGui is very popular with my students (game programming courses)." Horst and his students have made several videos showing their use of EasyGui. See Lexi shows msgbox and Leo shows buttonbox. and Mira and Teresa show a simple graphic adventure game.

In August 2009 the University of Toronto announced that it would be using EasyGui while using Python as a first-year programming language. "We've dropped Tkinter this fall in favour of EasyGUI, which has major limitations but is much more teachable." Click HERE to read more about their experiences using Python as a first-year programming language.

EasyGui project is now closed

Effective March 6, 2013, I have shut down the EasyGui project. The EasyGui software will continue to be available at its current location, but I will no longer be supporting, maintaining, or enhancing it. The EasyGui software will remain frozen in its current state. I invite anyone who has the wish, the will, the energy, and the vision to continue to evolve EasyGui, to do so. Copy it, fork it, and make it the basis for your own new work. — Stephen Ferg, March 6, 2013

Effective March 24, 2013, Alexander Zawadzki has assumed project admin responsibilities for the project. His chief task will be maintaining the Easygui information in PyPI, the Python Package Index.

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